1- Hi Kal, let’s introduce yourself. What do you do for living?
Hello, Mr. Kal here, astralnaut from Canada and a remote web/graphic designer at my legends.io, traveler, creator, grand protector of animals and life. Wholeness friends.


2- What’s Mio Pet project about?
Mio Pet is a non profit foundation for animal adoptions in Mexico. The truth about Mexico is that the dogs and cats run free, and were talking 50 million or so. Why not put a stop or a dent sort of speak in the way it is down here. I am a trend designer and noticed Qibla theme. Qibla has the listings functionality, layout style and flexibility i was looking for and keeping with the design trends at the same time. And to top it off Qibla also has an app service to take me to the next level where i needed to go in terms of making a difference in Mexico.

3- Why choosing a WordPress theme for this kind of project?
Having multiple users to maintain the site is ideal and a requirement. I was able to complete the site in a week.

4- Why choosing Qibla WordPress theme among all the others?
Qibla has a map function that is exactly what i was searching for. The ability to view listings close to you is ideal and the add ons alone make this theme a complete theme solution for your listings. There is an app service as well and the app was approved for Android and iPhone, to which looks fantastic considering it does exactly what i need. Overall 5 stars gentlemen!

5- You also added iOs and Android app to your project. What’s the goal you want to reach with them?
The app gave me the extra level of professionalism with this project, having so much access to the listings (animals) and the way to communicate.

6- How’s your project is going?
The site is very easy to use plus the app combination is bringing me to the top of Mexico in terms of adoption websites. Already saved and adopted 7 puppies in the first week so its working. Thank you!



See Mio Pet website Mio pet iOS App Mio Pet Android App

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