One year ago here in App&Map we had a strong expertise in building mobile apps. Our app were and are a perfect match for anyone who wants to build a directory: a real estate directory, an events directory, a travel directory.

But actually we were missing a point, an important one: not all the customers that wants a mobile app have a website. In some cases they have it, but it’s a very old one.

For some of our customers, when we have the first meeting, they thought a mobile app was enough for starting a digital project, but this assumption is often wrong.

The mobile world is a channel, very useful when you want to build a strong high-fidelity community within all your users. A great channel that can and should be supported by a great website.

That’s why we built a real estate WordPress theme with a native mobile app included. That’s how Qibla WordPress theme works and that’s why we added Qibla2mobile, a plugin that let you convert instantly your web real estate directory, or an events directory, or travel directory, into a mobile app.

See how it worked for Mio Pet, a project that uses Qibla as website and Qibla2mobile for the native mobile app.

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