1. Install WordPress

FIRST, Qibla theme is a WordPress theme, so make sure you have already installed the latest version of WordPress

2. Upload Qibla Theme

UPLOAD the Qibla file. You can do this one of two ways:

Via WordPress

  • – Log into your WordPress site.
  • – When you get to your dashboard, scroll down the left sidebar to the Appearance-panel and hover over or click on “Appearance”. You will immediately see a drop-down list like the one in the visual below:
  • Click on “Themes” and you will see two tabs – Manage Themes and Install Themes. Click “Install Themes”.
  • Under “Install Themes”, click on “Upload”, and this is what you will see.
  • Now you are ready to upload the Qibla theme file that you unzipped earlier. Click “Browse” and find the Qibla theme file on your desktop.
  • Click the Qibla theme file, then click “open”. The file name will appear in the browse box.
  • Click “install now” and wait for the installation message. *Note: The installation will probably take a few minutes, so please be patient.
  • When the installation is finished, you should see this:
  • Under the words “Theme installed successfully,” you will see an option to immediately click on “Activate” to activate the theme. You may activate it from this screen, or you can navigate back to “Appearance”, click on “Themes”, and there you will see all your theme choices, including Qibla theme.

B. Uploading Via FTP

  • Download and install the Filezilla Client or any other FTP software
  • Fill in your FTP Credentials
  • Drag the extracted theme folder into your a path like this: /wp-content/themes

3. Plugins to activate

After theme installation, there are some required plugins to install. As you see in the picture, follow the link that suggest to install Qibla framework and any other reccommended plugin.

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