Why a mobile app

A mobile visitor stay 3 times more time to look at your news and use the app where a website communication fails, for example where there’s low connection or in mobility.


What kind of apps you can do with Proxima?

Proxima was studied specifically for these scenarios:


Which advantages you get?

Other main features

Customize your layout

Choose your favourite colors and your images. Choose your app icon and splash screen: your app will be unique!

Offline content

Our apps locally store images during your navigation, get all the info you need even with no internet connection.

Push notifications

Send push notifications choosing the exact time you want to send them. Like an SMS without extra-costs!

WordPress integration

Do you have your own WordPress site and want to syncronize content? No worries, we've got a plugin for that.

Events & Calendar

Add an event into your apple or google calendar, so you never forget your favourite events.

Your site integration

You can build an xml file following our documentation in order to syncronize your site with the mobile app.


Have you created an itinerary with Google maps or Google earth? We are also compatible with KML format.

Qibla compatible

Our apps are compatible with our WordPress theme Qibla, so you can syncronize content from one dashboard.

Social share

Share an item on your favourite social among Twitter, Facebook, G+, Whatsapp and many more.